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Submodeling of a stacked sheet metal assembly

Sheet metal stampings stacked and fitted on top of each other and secured together via mechanical fasteners such as bolts or rivets are commonly used in the automotive industry. Examples include seat belt anchors and seating track assemblies. The submodeling capability in ABAQUS facilitates economical, yet detailed, prediction of the ultimate strength and integrity of such jointed assemblies. A global model analysis of an assembly is first performed to capture the overall deformation of the system. Subsequently, the displacement results of this global analysis are used to drive the boundaries of a submodeled region of critical concern. The submodeling methodology provides accurate modeling that is more economical than using a globally refined mesh in a single analysis


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Pressure penetration analysis of an air duct kiss seal

Seals are common structural components that often require design analyses. In this example, a nonlinear finite element analysis of seals is performed. Pressure penetration effects between the seal and the contacting surfaces are to be considered in these analyses, to make routine analyses of seals more realistic and accurate. Analyses of clutch seals, threaded connectors, car door seals and air duct kiss seals are some applications where pressure penetration effects are important. The surface-based pressure penetration capability is used to simulate pressure penetration between contacting surfaces.

AEG Torsional Damper - brief description

American Engineering Group(AEG) has developed a new “Dual Torsional Damper System”. This new AEG system design will allow varying static properties and provide dynamic shock and vibration mitigation over a wide load range for automotive and industrial applications. This dual structure system provides both axial and radial damping. The torsional damper system will have two elastomer elements with top element functions as a vibration damping element and the bottom spherical elastomer element as a noise & harness damping element.AEG dual mode damper system includes a spherical soft viscous bushing hub designed for being rigidly connected to a drive shaft, and an inertia ring, connected to the hub by means of a thin Polyurethane material layer. This dual-layer elastomer damper system is designed for torsional vibration reduction of the crankshaft system on multi-cylinder engine for vehicles. AEG polyurethane torsional dampers are designed to provide significant reduction of sound and …