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Challenges in the Finite Element Analysis of Tire Design using ABAQUS

Finite Element Analysis of Vehicle and Tire has become a very important aspect of a tire design and failure analysis to most Tire companies. Tire modeling with ABAQUS is a very complicated process involving complex materials like hyperelastic rubber and textile reinforcements, large model size, prolonged simulation time and various convergence issues. This white paper intends to help in understanding the challenges in tire analysis and several tips and tricks that makes a difference in the quality of the results and processing time. AEG hopes that this article will be useful to ABAQUS users working in the field of tire design and analysis. A general tire has the following major tire components Tread Belt Region Inner LinerSidewall Region Inner Carcass RegionBead Filler Region Apex/Chafer Region Beads Reinforcements Nylon Cap Ply Steel BeltsCarcass Ply Constructing the structure of the tire and modeling of each component is the first step into the analysis. AEG found that utilizing the…