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Custom Molded Rubber Components for Automotive and Aerospace Industries

Rubber Products Manufactured by AEG

AEG (ISO 9001) is a contract manufacturer of molded rubber components for various engineering applications. We cater to diverse industries like automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical and industrial sectors. Our manufacturing facilities (subcontractors), located in the US,India, China and Korea are well equipped with advanced technological capabilities and in house tooling.

MEMS Lectures Collection

Here are a few lectures by professors from different schools on some topics related to Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS):

Composed by AEG

Modeling and Design of MEMS
- by GK Ananthasuresh
Fundamentals of Microfabrication- by Dr.Bruce Gale
Micro-electromechanical Systems- by Thomas B Jones
Dynamics and Controls of MEMS- by Dr.Liliy Dong
Micro/Nano Processing Technology- by Prof. Martin Schmidt
Design and fabrication of Micro-Electromechanical Systems- by Prof. Carol Livermore
Introduction to Micro-Electormechanical Systems- by Prof. Andreas G Andreou
MEMS Physics and Design- by Prof. Ming Wu
Design and fabrication of Micro-Electromechanical Systems- by Prof. Reza Ghodssi


MEMS National LabsCompiled by AEG LabsThis is a comprehensive link to the University Labs working on MEMS area. The name of the Director of the Lab is provided for convenience. – Dr Gary Fedder of Minnesota of Cincinnati – Dr. Chong Ahn of Cincinnati – Dr. Jason Heikenfeld of Cincinnati – Dr. Ian Papautsky of Colorado at Boulder – Dr. Victor Bright University of Maryland – Dr. Don DeVoe – NanotechCenter …